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Lawyer who likes to play music

Paget, of Gray's Inn, also has a son with the same name and occupation, who also works out of Gray's Inn.

-- L&M Index volume (nothing on Paget in the Companion volume)

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"In the Common-place Book of Justinian Paget, a lawyer of James the First’s time preserved among the Harleian MSS. in the British Museum, is the following sonnet:—­

“My love and I for kisses play’d;
Shee would keepe stakes, I was content;
But when I wonn she would be pay’d,
This made me aske her what she ment;
Nay, since I see (quoth she), you wrangle in vaine,
Take your owne kisses, give me mine againe.”

The initials at the end, “W.S.”, probably stand for William Stroud or Strode, whose name is given at length to some other rhymes in the same MS."

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San Diego Sarah  •  Link

"First was the risk of accident or death on the journey. In the 17th century even relatively short distances on horseback or in a carriage carried dangers. Falls from horses were common, causing injury or even death.
As Roy Porter noted, when the wife of Justinian Paget was thrown from her horse in October 1638, it was said to be the ‘cause of all her future sickness’."


List of Custodes Brevium of the Court of King/Queen's Bench
Term as Custos Brevium Name
1626–1645 -- Robert Dewhurst and Justinian Paget


Harley MS 1026
A quarto miscellany and memorandum book, in three or more cursive mixed hands, 113 leaves, in modern binding.
Compiled, perhaps largely, by ‘Justinian Paget Es[q.] a Lawyer’, whose name is so inscribed on a flyleaf (f. 1*r), a number of the contents relating to the Paget family and also with references (ff. 34v-5v) to ‘my sister Ann Maydwell’. c.1633-1645.

The contents suggest an Inns of Court and possible Christ Church, Oxford, connection. ...
First published in Dobell (1907), pp. 103-4. Forey, pp. 94-5.


The Justinian Pagitt who instituted this almshouse does not seem to be as well known as his father, also named Justinian.

Justinian Pagitt Snr. was a lawyer and diarist who met Samuel Pepys, married Dorcas Wilcox and died in 1668.
London Environs shows they had a son, James, but does not mention other children. However the Ancestry website records Justinian as his son. Justinian (jnr)’s will ... references his brother. He died in about 1681. An alternative spelling is Paget.

A red brick ‘vicarage house’ was leased in 1573, but became the property of lay people 50 years later.
In 1678 Justinian Paget Jr. conveyed the building, now known as the rectory house, for the use of the incumbent, the parish clerk and some almspeople. ...


Sir Justinian Paget, on condition of being permitted to make a vault for himself and his family in the church, gave some tenements for the use of decayed housekeepers.
These houses have no endowment, and are kept in repair by the parish.

Daniel Lysons, 'Hadley', in The Environs of London: Volume 2, County of Middlesex (London, 1795), pp. 517-526. British History Online http://www.british-history.ac.uk/…


17th Century information about the Paget family from a history of the Parish of Tottenham, mentioning Justinian:

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