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David Quidnunc  •  Link

Lawyer who likes to play music

Paget, of Gray's Inn, also has a son with the same name and occupation, who also works out of Gray's Inn.

-- L&M Index volume (nothing on Paget in the Companion volume)

Pauline  •  Link

"In the Common-place Book of Justinian Paget, a lawyer of James the First’s time preserved among the Harleian MSS. in the British Museum, is the following sonnet:—­

“My love and I for kisses play’d;
Shee would keepe stakes, I was content;
But when I wonn she would be pay’d,
This made me aske her what she ment;
Nay, since I see (quoth she), you wrangle in vaine,
Take your owne kisses, give me mine againe.”

The initials at the end, “W.S.”, probably stand for William Stroud or Strode, whose name is given at length to some other rhymes in the same MS."

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