The rector of Coton, Cambridgeshire, from 1662.

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The Fullwood family were well-connected.…

The bit about this Gervase Fullwood's branch:

"A branch of Fullwood’s from Nottinghamshire originally, settled in Huntingdon became physicians and treated members of Oliver Cromwell’s family. According to a visitation record of Huntingdonshire undertaken in the 17th century an un-named head of this family originally from Newark Nottinghamshire marries a member of the Pell family. Unfortunately the first name and date of birth of this individual isn’t given and at the time of writing I have been unable to confirm his details or that of his wife. Although details of his immediate descendants are known and are detailed within a memorial on the wall of All Saints Church, Huntingdon.

Several members of the Huntingdon branch of Fullwood’s were “Drs of Physik” and Apothecaries. There is a reference to Gervase Fullwood in a book “Sufferers & Healers” by Lucinda McCray Beier, stating he worked as an assistant to Dr. Symcotts and dispensed medicines that Symcotts prescribed.

“Anna Carr Cromwell acknowledged receipt from Fullwood of vials and pots and of tobacco for her husband Sir Oliver." It should be pointed out that the “Sir Oliver” is not “The” Oliver Cromwell but The Oliver's uncle, living at Hinchingbrooke, Huntingdon.

A Gervase Fullwood was appointed to the Parliamentarian Committees for Huntingdon between 1643 and 1655.
His three sons and his grandson went to St. Catharine’s, Cambridge to study medicine.
His son, William obtained an MD in 1659, and sons Gervase and Peter were ‘licensed to practice medicine’ obtaining MAs in 1657 and 1662 respectively.

Our Gervase went on to become a minister; he was a Fellow of St. Catharine’s 1655–1672, rector of Coton, Cambridgeshire in 1662-1674 and minister of Rusper, Sussex 1674-75.

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