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one of the many pepes: from http://freepages.genealogy.rootsw…

Dr. Thomas Pepys M.D. was born 8 on 5 Jun 1621 in Norwich, Norfolk, England. He was christened on 15 Jun 1621 in St. Stephen, Norwich, Norfolk, England. He died in Impington, Cambridge, England. Thomas was admitted [9] in 1641 in Trinity College, Cambridge, England. He graduated [10] B.A. in 1644/1645. He graduated [11] M.A.He was employed [12, 13] as Fellow in 1649 in Trinity Hall Cambridge, England. He graduated [4] M.D. of Padua in 1651. He signed a will [5] [6]on 20 Aug 1664. He had a will probated [7, 18 ]n 4 Feb 1665. {the nos. are refs}

Died unmarried.

Pauline  •  Link

from L&M Companion
Pepys's cousin; physician; third son of Talbot [Pepys's great-uncle and the patriarch of the family]....He was executor of the will of Pepys's brother Tom, and the angry, coarse and badly spelt letter he wrote to old John Pepys in that connection supports Pepy's view that he was 'a shame to his family and profession'. He died at Impington unmarried.

Bullus Hutton  •  Link

Clearly Sam was not too fond of Dr.Thomas even while brother Tom was alive - see his grumpy day Dec 22, 61 when he has to bite down and tolerate his then-40 yr old cousin making merry at his table "home after sermon and there came by appointment Dr. T. Pepys, Will. Joyce, and my brother Tom, and supped with me, and very merry they were, and I seemed to be, but I was not pleased at all with their company. So they being gone we went to bed"
What a dutiful family soldier was Sam, not many today would be so obliging.

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