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(where Dr. Walter Walker was an advocate) from
"...L&M note that Doctors’ Commons (near St. Paul’s) housed the society of lawyers practising civil (Roman) law in the court of Admiralty...... and in the ecclesiastical courts
this day [aug 23rd].."
"...[SP] to give him[Dr. W.W.] my Lord’s papers to view over concerning his being empowered to be Vice-Admiral under the Duke of York..."

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Walker and naval law:"....Dr. Walter Walker, the state's advocate at civil law, asserted the Admiral's droit of deodand against a Dutch ship in 1658. The St. Jacob, he alleged, had been found by a jury to have run over a small boat in the Thames, drowning one of its passengers, and the ship, said Walker, for having caused a death, was by right forfeit to the Admiral...".29
"...The Admiralty Court was responsible for enforcing rules designed to en-courage prudent navigation ..."
found under II.Rules, Pleas, and Ambiguity

Second Reading

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One of the Judges of the Admiralty.
---Diary and correspondence of Samuel Pepys, the diary deciphered by J. Smith. 1854.

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