By Michel Millot and Jean L’Ange, first published in 1655, one of the earliest works of erotic fiction. It is one of the genre of ‘Whore dialogues’ at Wikipedia. It is only currently covered on the German Wikipedia.

1893 text

“L’Escole des Filles,” by Helot, was burnt at the foot of the gallows in 1672, and the author himself was burnt in effigy.

This text comes from a footnote on a diary entry in the 1893 edition edited by Henry B. Wheatley.

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L'Ecoles des Filles ou la Philosophie des dames is an erotic book by an unknown author, published initially in Paris in 1655, in which two cousins discuss sexual issues.

In the spring of 1655 the Parisian printer Louis Piot agreed to print and publish 300 copies of the L'Escoles des Filles (The Girls' Schools), of which 50 were on high quality paper. The editors were Jean and L'Ange Michel Millot. On 9 August, the fugitive Millot was burned in effigy together with confiscated books. Of the non-confiscated copies of the first edition of the work none remain.

The first still extant editions were Dutch pirated printings of 1667 and 1668.


In the summary that precedes the two dialogues of the main part, the circumstances of the action are briefly described.

Robinet, son of a merchant, is in love with a young girl named Fanchon, which he himself because of her naivety is not able to approach.
So he convinced Fanchon's older cousin Susanne to enlighten her by a confidential conversation and also to kindle her lust.

In the course of their conversation Susanne and Fanchon talk about a variety of topics, such as the age of marriage, the male and female sexual organs and sexual intercourse. At the end of the first dialogue Fanchon declares herself willing to be deflowered by Robinet.

The second dialogue takes place a few days later. Questioned by Susannne, Fanchon provides a detailed report of her first intercourse with Robinet. The two women speak of other issues, including sexual positions, flagellation, penis size, contraception and marriage.

Excerpted and translated from’Éc…

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"L'Ecoles des Filles ou la Philosophie des dames "

French Wikipedia article translated by Google
The Escole Girls or Ladies Philosophy is a book erotic written by an unknown author and published for the first time in Paris in 1655. In this work considered the first novel about the libertine 1 in France, two cousins discussing topics sex.'%C3%89cole_des_filles

L' École Des Filles, Ou La Philosophie Des Dames: Divisée En Deux Dialogues text via Google Books:…

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