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Christopher Squire  •  Link

‘Scotch pancake n. = drop-scone n. (dropped scone) one made of a small portion of batter dropped on the griddle or on a tin and baked.
. . 1942    C. Spry Come into Garden, Cook xv. 213   Most people have a good recipe for dropped scones.‥ Drop the batter from a spoon on the hot girdle and turn once.’ [OED]

Mary  •  Link

Yes, but are we certain that a 17th century scotch cake and a 20th century scotch pancake are the same thing? I have found an early recipe for scotch cake that sounds remarkably like shortbread, but I'm not at all sure that that is what Pepys has bought either. Not a very substantial supper-dish.

Mary  •  Link

Oatcakes, as suggested by the L&M glossary (Companion volume) makes good sense. They would (and do) make an acceptable supper eaten with cheese.

Oatcakes are fairly thin biscuits made from oatmeal (with sometimes a little added flour), a small quantity of fat and salt, all bound together with milk or water. The proportion of fat to meal is approximately 1:4.

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