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Capt. Charles O'Brien. A gentleman-captain, he held five commissions 1665-8. In 1668 the King made him the gift of a fireship. In the same year much to Pepys's annoyance he made fat profits from private trading on a voyage to Constantinople in one of the King's ships.

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OBRYAN, Charles,—was made lieutenant of the Jersey, and afterwards second lieutenant of the Royal Charles in 1665. After the action between the fleet under the command of the duke of York, and that under the Dutch admiral Opdam, he was made commander of the West Friezland, a ship taken from the Dutch. In 1666 he was appointed, by prince Rupert and the duke of Albemarle, captain of the Advice of forty-eight guns, and served in the action of the 25th of July, which was so decisive on the part of the English, as one of the seconds to sir Edward Spragge. In 1668 he was appointed commander of the Leopard of fifty-six guns, and sent to Smyrna for the purpose of conveying thither sir Daniel Harvey, ambassador from Charles the Second to the Porte. He does not appear to have had any command afterwards.

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