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Glyn  •  Link

Five taverns in King Street are mentioned in Pepys diaries, including The Trumpet, but this was mentioned only four times in the whole 10 years so wasn't one that he particularly liked or was a regular drinker in.

Glyn  •  Link

One of the many taverns on King Street, and obviously not as fashionable as the Bell, the Dog or the Sun. Pepys mentions it only four times in his Diary, but on the last occasion (25/1/65) it appears that he was using it as a rendezvous for one of his illicit liaisons, safe in the knowledge that none of his acquaintances would be there:

"I as I had appointed to the Trumpett, there expecting when Jane Welsh should come, but anon comes a maid of the house to tell me that her mistress and master would not let her go forth, not knowing of my being here, but to keep her from her sweetheart. So being defeated, away by coach home, and there spent the evening prettily in discourse with my wife and Mercer..."

Second Reading

Antiquarian  •  Link

This tavern is one of the many mentioned in Pepys' diary that are known to have issued contemporary trade tokens. The one issued by the Trumpet is a brass farthing and probably dates to the 1650s. There is an image and description of it on the following site; http://pepyssmallchange.wordpress… .

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