Master of the tennis court at Whitehall Palace.

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What Thomas Cooke did to update the Whitehall tennis court:

¶The last reference to the Great Open Tennis Court that has been discovered is in 1637–8. (fn. n24) During the Commonwealth it was converted into a garden used in connection with the premises occupied towards the end of that period by Edward Montagu, afterwards Earl of Sandwich (see pp. 84–6). In 1662, however, Thomas Cook, master of the tennis courts, in accordance with the instructions of the King, erected a new tennis court on "that parcel of ground, lately converted into a garden, adjoining to the Cockpit, formerly called the Brake." (fn. n25) The new building was erected under the supervision of Robert Long, the King's marker, and seems to have been modelled on the existing court at Hampton Court. (fn. n26) Its position is clearly shown on the plan of 1670, and a comparison of its ground plot, as shown on that plan, with the plot of the court at Hampton Court, is here given.…

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