A politician, brother of Henry Pierrepoint, 1st Marquess of Dorchester.

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Hon. William Pierrepont MP’s ancestors had been great landowners in Nottinghamshire since the 13th century, and first represented the county in 1417.

His father, Robert Pierrepont, 1st Earl of Kingston-upon-Hull, and elder brothers were somewhat reluctant Royalists in the Civil War, but Hon. William Pierrepont MP, who had been a ship-money sheriff, remained staunch to Parliament.

Hon. William Pierrepont MP withdrew from overt participation in politics after Pride’s Purge, but grew even more influential behind the scenes, especially during the protectorate of Richard Cromwell.

Pierrepont refused to take his seat on the return of the secluded Members, on the grounds that Parliament had been automatically dissolved by the death of King Charles, but some Royalists believed that he was still a Cromwellian, and he attended the meetings of Presbyterians, who were planning a restoration on conditions.

Hon. William Pierrepont MP’s standing in Nottinghamshire in 1660 was so high that he secured not only his own return but that of his son-in-law, Gilbert Holles Lord Houghton, as representatives of the county at the general election. …

Hon. William Pierrepont MP was defeated by Anthony Eyre at the general election of 1661, but he remained ‘the celebrated sage of that time both in and out of Parliament’.

Hon. William Pierrepont MP was recalled from retirement when the Commons chose him as one of the Commissioners of Public Accounts in 1667.


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