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L&M Companion: A near contemporary of Pepys at Magdalene, taking his B.A. in 1652; Rector of Irthlingborough, Northants. 1664-1675. His living or curacy in Huntingdonshire has not been traced. He was a native of Earith, Hunts.

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When is a county(shire) is not a county(shire)?

Hunts.(Huntingshire, just a curtesy) no longer exists except in the mind of those born there, The government in all its glory downgraded Huntington to a district of Cambridge(shire).For the correct address it is Hunts cambs.

a typical address would be
Hinchingbrooke Country Park,
Brampton Road,

you will find Huntington as a district of Cambs.


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Irthlingborough an aside:
Irthlingborough Church was founded under the will of John & Joan Pyel, and erected around 1400, their memorial can be found in the John Pyel Chapel on the south side of the main altar.
Monastic/Lantern Tower
Unusually amongst Northamptonshire churches Irthlingborough church has a lantern tower ( a feature normally associated with churches on the Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire fens). This dates back to the days before the Nene valley was bridged or drained, in those days there was a river ford between Higham Ferrers and Irthlingborough, but due to the boggy nature of the undrained valley, fogs were frequent and much worse than today. To guide travelers across the Nene and marsh's monks built two Lantern Towers at Higham and Irtlhlingbrough and would light fires in the lantern's. Today the road is maintained and lit by the county council on behalf of the Department of Transport.
http://www.stpetersirthlingboroug… -

there is photo of the town and church an d where the turkey came from?
The Cross
The cross has been the focal point of Irthlingborough since the late 13th Century, the shaft being used as a land measure.
another view of

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