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Capt. James Jenifer (d. 1677). A protege of Sandwich; he held three commands 1664-6 and was made captain of the Queen's yacht in 1671. His spirited journal of a voyage to Lisbon 1672-3 is in the Pepys Library.

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JENNIFER, James,—was appointed lieutenant of the Dover in 1664, and was promoted to the command of the Seven Oakes in 1666. In 1671 he was made captain of the Sandadoes*; and on the 2d of December 1674, was re-appointed to the same vessel. He continued to command her several years; for on the 28th of April 1677, we find him as captain of the Sandadoes, capturing a small privateer fitted out from Ostend, called the St. Mary. We have not been able to learn any thing farther concerning him.

*This vessel is supposed to have been commissioned as a substitute for a yacht, and specially destined to the queen's use. The idea appears in some measure confirmed, by a note relative to captain Jennifer's appointment, in which it is said to have been made by the queen herself.
---Biographia Navalis. J. Charnock, 1794.

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