d. 1691. Swedish Resident 1661-72, Envoy 1672-91. His wife.

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Johan Barckmann, cr. Baron Leijonbergh (Swed.) 1658
(1625-91) Career diplomat, he was in the Swedish embassy in London from 1653, becoming Commissary 1655, Resident 1661 and Envoy 1672; kn. & bt. 1661. He married Batten's widow. A quarrel with Pepys over prize-goods, which almost led to a duel in 1667, was not long-lasting. In 1687 he presented Pepys with a copy of Pufendorf's *Commentariorum de rebus Suecicis XXVI* (1686) inscribed "Dno. Samueli Pips" in honor of their 26 years of friendship.
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