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L&M Companion: "Presumably known to Pepys, in his days at the Exchequer, as excise farmer for Northumberland. A prot

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THIS Parliament ... began at Westminster, Sept. 3, 1654, and held to Jan. 22 following.

Boroughs of Dumfreize, Sanclan, Lochmaben, Annand, Wigton, Kirkudbright, Whitborne, and Galloway
Major Jeremiah Tollhurst Esq. Burgess of Dumfrieze.

THIS Parliament ... met Jan. 27, 1658-9, and continued till Oct. 13, at whichTime, being interrupted sitting, they assembled again Dec. 26, and sate till Mar. 16 following; when they passed a Vote, not only for dissolving themselves, but the last Parliament, called Nov. 3, 1640, by Royal Authority; and summoning a new Parliament to meet on April 25, 1660, which on their Session called back the King, and restored the Constitution in Church and State.

Boroughs of Dumfrieze, Sauclan, Lockmaben, Annand, Wigton, Kirkudbright, Whitborne, and Galloway
Jeremy Tolhurst Esq.
---Notitia Parliamentaria. B. Willis, 1750.

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Ordered, That the Sum of One hundred Pounds,which Major Jeremiah Tolhurst, Governor of Newcastle, is out of Purse, in keeping that Garrison, shall be paid unto the said Jeremiah Tolhurst, or his Assigns, out of the Excise ...

From: 'House of Commons Journal Volume 8: 5 September 1660', Journal of the House of Commons: volume 8: 1660-1667 (1802), pp. 152-154.

In April 1660, Tolhurst was elected Member of Parliament for Carlisle in the Convention Parliament. He was commissioner for assessment for Northumberland from August 1660 to 1661, sub-commissioner of excise for Cumberland and Westmorland from 1661 to 1662 and customs official for Newcastle by 1664. In 1669 he was a major in Sayer's Company of Foot. Tolhurst emigrated to the West Indies before July 1671 and died intestate in Jamaica three months later.

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