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Colonel James Wallace (161? - 1678) was a Scottish Presbyterian and Covenanter soldier.

Born in Auchans, near Dundonald in Ayrshire, a firm Presbyterian and Covenanter, he was a Captain in the Marquis of Argyll's first Covenanter army which he raised in 1639. Sent to Ulster with the Scottish army 1642-1645 and again in 1647. Governor of Belfast 1647-June 1649 and dismissed due to his pro-Covenanter leanings. Around this time he married Helen Edmonstone of Redhall, Ballycarry in Country Antrim. Wallace was back in Scotland fighting for the Covenanters against Cromwell in the 1650s, and became a leading elder of the Lowland Congregation. Prompted by persecution and events of November 1666, Wallace joined the Covenanter protest march at Ayr, that grew to about 900 people, who were heading for Edinburgh. They were attacked on 28 November at Rullion Green (in the Pentland Hills outside Edinburgh) by around 2600 Royal troops led by General Thomas Dalzell. Wallace escaped from Rullion Green to Ayrshire and then over to Ulster. When a death sentence was pronounced on him by the Scottish Parliament, he fled to Rotterdam for refuge, where he became an elder in the Scots Kirk. He died there in late 1678. [Excerpted from:

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