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The Canary Company

OF all the early chartered companies none had so brief an existence as the Canary Company, whose charter was sealed on 17 March 1665, and cancelled on 18 September 1667. Between these dates London was ravaged by plague and fire, and menaced by the Dutch fleet; hence a new commercial venture could hardly be expected to flourish, even had opinion been in its favour. From the outset, however, the Canary Company had to face a determined opposition, the motives of which are of considerable interest, as illustrating the attitude towards exclusive trading companies in the Restoration period.....

(1916) The English Historical Review, edited by Mandell Creighton, Justin Winsor, Samuel Rawson Gardiner, Reginald Lane Poole, Sir John Goronwy Edwards (Google EBOOK) https://books.google.com/books?id…

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