Husband of Nan, maid to Lady Penn.

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William MARKHAM, colonial governor, born in England about 1635; died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 12 June, 1704.

Capt. William Markham apparently spent his early life in the city of Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, a first cousin of William Penn Jr.

William Markham married Anne "Nan" Wright on 22 July 1666 at St. James Dukes Place, London England.

In 1666, William Penn Jr., became a Quaker, which was disapproved of by his father. However, after Admiral Sir William Penn’s death, Charles II settled his account with the estate by giving William Jr. the charter for Pennsylvania.

On 10 April, 1681, William Penn made Capt. William Markham his deputy, with authority to establish courts, settle boundaries, sell lands, and exercise every right that was granted to Penn, except that of calling a legislative assembly.

Capt. William Markham sailed for Boston soon after obtaining his commission and made his way thence to New York, where he exhibited his credentials and received from the acting governor a letter to the local officials on the Delaware, notifying them of the transfer of authority.

He left his only daughter, Anne, with the Penns for the next seven years. So far I have not found information on where Anne “Nan” Wright Markham lived. Since he remarried in 1684, it's possible she had died before he sailed.

Capt. William Markham went on to be the first governor of Pennsylvania.


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