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Here's what little I could find:

Aylett, Captain (English)(d.1669) - died when Henry Morgan's ship exploded.



"I was eating my dinner with the rest," writes the surgeon, Richard Browne, "when the mainmasts blew out, and fell upon Captains Aylett, Bigford, and others, and knocked them on the head; I saved myself by getting astride the mizzenmast." It seems that out of the whole ship only Morgan and those who sat on his side of the table were saved.


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Capt. John Aylett

Commanded HMS Portland at the Battle of Lowestoft, a naval engagement between the English and Dutch off the English port of Lowestoft on 13 June (New Style) 1665 during the Second Anglo-Dutch War.

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AYLETT, John,—was, early in 1664, appointed to the John and Katherine; and, a short time after, during the same year, promoted to the Portland. He continued to command this ship a considerable time, which is a very unusual circumstance at this period, the succession, of different commanders to the same ship being almost incredibly rapid. In the month of June, 1666, we find him obliged to quit the fleet under the duke of Albemarle, his ship, the Portland, being disabled very soon after the first action in that year commenced with the Dutch, in consequence of another English ship having unfortunately run aboard of him. A grievous mortification this to a gallant man, and equally unfortunate to his country, to be deprived of his services just at the moment when they were so much wanted. He quitted the command of the Portland in the year 1667; and, in 1668, was appointed to the Forrester. He did not long continue captain of this ship, for, in the following year, we find another officer commanding her. As we do not find he ever had an appointment afterwards, we may naturally conclude he either died in a short time, or retired from service.

---Biographia navalis. J. Charnock, 1794.

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