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Michael Robinson  •  Link

Per L&M Companion:

(d. by 1688) Given his first command in 1661, he held nine commissions thereafter until 1673. He commanded the 'Breda' when she ran aground off the Texel in 1667.

Second Reading

Bill  •  Link

PAGE, Thomas, --- after having commanded the Nightingale in 1661, the Pearl and Newcastle in 1664, the Bredah in 1666, the West Friezland, taken from the Dutch, in 1667, and the Falcon in 1668, served as lieutenant of the Foresight in the same year. In 1669 he was, a second time, appointed captain of the Pearl. In 1672 he commanded the Wivenhoe pink, and the small vessels afloat at Sheerness. In 1673 he was made commander of the Francis. His name does not again occur.
---Biographia Navalis. J. Charnock, 1794.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

"By and by comes Mr. Wayth to me; and discoursing of our ill success, he tells me plainly from Captain Page’s own mouth (who hath lost his arm in the fight), that the Dutch did pursue us two hours before they left us, and then they suffered us to go on homewards, and they retreated towards their coast: which is very sad news."

Curious neither of these biographies include something as significant as his lost arm. Of course, I'm sure he could be a good Captain with only one if someone else holds the compass or spyglass.


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