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John Eure  •  Link

Scoutmaster-General: I wonder if this title is the source on which Baden-Powell (1857-1941) (himself a famous scout while a young cavalry officer in the British army, a major contributor (possibly the first?) to devising systematic training for army scouts, and ultimately a Lieutenant-General and Inspector General of the cavalry) drew for the title he gave to the adult leaders he recruited for his new organization, the Boy Scouts? Within the movement, he himself was known in later years not as the Scoutmaster-General, but as the "Chief Scout of the World."

Michael Robinson  •  Link

Per L&M Companion:

A Royalist agent in the 1650's; Gentleman-cupbearer in ordinary 1663; Scoutmaster-General 1665-89.

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San Diego Sarah  •  Link

James Halsall was a Cavalier who had served Charles II during the Interregnum. He plotted the assassination of Cromwell, and was arrested and interogated by Thurloe in 1655.

The more I learn about Charles II's dealings, the more I appreciate his need for a few good men, stout and true, to watch his back. Doubtless, Halsall was one of them.

San Diego Sarah  •  Link

"... Major Halsey, a great creature of the Duke of Albemarle’s; ..."

"Major Halsey, speaking much of my doing business, and understanding business, told me how my Lord Generall do say that I am worth them all, but I have heard that Halsey hath said the same behind my back to others."

"But Halsey, to my content, tells me that my Lord Duke of Albemarle says that W. Coventry being gone, nothing will be well done at the Treasury, ..."

So I had Major Halsall dancing in the wrong Court of influence. However, knowing he was on the right side of George Monck, 1st Duke of Albemarle was good for Pepys when it came to safeguarding a fighting budget.

Having been an active Royalist plotter, it would be interesting to know how Halsall vectored over into Monck's camp. Monck did dance for both sides, so Halsall must have known more than history feels comfortable reporting to us.

Peter Halsall  •  Link

Hi Sarah,
I’m a rank amateur but why wouldn’t James Halsall be close to Albermarle? JH had plotted to get Charles II on the throne and Monck had made that possible.

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