Saturday 2 January 1668/69

Up, at the office all the morning, and at noon home to dinner, where I find my cabinet come home, and paid for it, and it pleases me and my wife well. So after dinner busy late at the office, and so home and to bed.

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Robert Gertz  •  Link

"My"? cabinet?...


"Your?...I thought this was my New Year's gift. The first you've ever gotten me, by the way."

"Bess...In the marital sense...As in what's yours in mine, what's mine is yours...You know, dearest."

"Really...Then I think I'll be taking my coach, my horses...Out. By the by...Meet my new driver and footman..."


"What can I say...The dancing game's not what it used to be." Pembleton notes, shrugging... "Where to, ma'am?"

"Oh, round the block a few times...Slow, boys..." grin... "Happy New Year, Sam'l." Closes door...

"Bess, mind that new...Oooh...Glass..."

Peter Taylor  •  Link

You have to hand it to Sam he had a good work ethic, he worked hard to obtain his wealth, he ate and drank moderatly and maintained pretty good health, his only vice was in wanting to roger the freckle off everything in a skirt.

Geoff Hallett  •  Link

I wonder if Elizabeth's cabinet is among the many in Pepys Library in Cambridge?

Second Reading

Terry Foreman  •  Link

"My"? cabinet?.."

Pepys surely has a receipt fruon yesterday's shopping-trip: "Up, and with W. Hewer to the New Exchange, and then he and I to the cabinet-shops, to look out, and did agree, for a cabinet to give my wife for a New-year’s gift;"…

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