Tuesday 24 December 1661

Home all the morning and dined at home, and in the afternoon to the office. So home.

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Eric Walla  •  Link

OK, so Sam doesn't always come up with the most scintillating of entries. I mean, a 17 word entry and three of them are "home."

But I hope all of you are safely in your respective homes, or whereever you wish to be. Merry Christmas!

Mark Ynys-Mon  •  Link

Looks like his office was as quiet as mine was today...

vicenzo  •  Link

for the bah humbuggers "The ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia began on December 17th and lasted for seven days in honor to the god of seed-sowing and wine, Saturn. The Roman philosopher Seneca once observed that all of Rome "went mad" during this festival. Eventually, Saturnalia celebrations stopped and it was replaced by the Christian festival of Christmas.
now ye be recovering.

vicenzo  •  Link

Another odd note :Christmas (December 25), Christians move Christ's birthday to this date in 336 A.D
As the longest night has past, one does look forward to fresh food and salt free meats and snowdrops poking their little crowns of their heads out of the snow to give hope to the rebirth of happiness..

A. De Araujo  •  Link

"a partridge in a pear tree to everybody"

kim oliver  •  Link

Merry Christnukahwanza and Festivus to all. Thanks for all the joy this site has brought to me this year.

vicenzo  •  Link

why schools closed, Old father time, grim reaper et. al.,

Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto were his children. They represent Air, Water and Death, the three things that Time cannot kill.
The Romans had a mid-winter festival in honour of Saturn, called the Saturnalia. It lasted seven days, and there was much merrymaking. Public business was suspended and schools were closed. Parents gave toys to their children and there was a public banquet. That is why we eat so much at Christmas, give presents and go to parties!

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