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About Other general reference sites

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How to Pronounce British Place Names: a sampling of useful links

'How to Pronounce Deliberately Off-Putting British Place Names'

'List of places in the United Kingdom and Ireland with counterintuitive pronunciations'

(here's the key to the the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols used [above] for English words and pronunciations by Wikipedia )

'197 English Place Names Americans Might Have a Hard Time Pronouncing'

About A new chart of Pepys’ wealth

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Phil, this is fantastic! there have been so many discussions about how to put the monetary values into a contemporary context. this should prove a well-used reference...

About The Bedchamber

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thank you, Jeanine! this was fascinating. I continue to praise the day I found this site.

About Friday 11 July 1662

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more thanks to Dirk! and, joy of joys, the link still lives! :)
"Also have a look at this 17th c. mathematical "aide-memoire" - at a later stage Sam may have used something similar to help him remember his tables..."

the discussion of the interest calculations references our very decade, the 1660's.
"The accountant and mathematical author, John Collins, wrote on simple and compound interest, annuities and related financial matters. In 1664/5 he issued a single folding sheet intended to be inserted in a letter case and to be used as a vade-mecum..."

About Wednesday 9 July 1662

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Ivan: A year and 1/2 late, but for what it's worth… I looked at our background article (wikipedia) on William Penn. Four years later, Pepys is still disgusted by him. I don't think it was just a temporary annoyance related to the recent contract dispute. the article also states that Penn "was not a high minded man…" I'd like to know more about that!

About Thursday 22 May 1662

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"...named her heroine Harriet Vane after the Harry Vane..." ( E, above)

yes! I was wondering the same thing, esp. considering Sayer's background as a religious scholar. :))