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About Monday 7 December 1663

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Stan B: not sure how it's done, but surely your post about Rushworth should be added to the annotations at the Rushworth link in our encyclopedia... fascinating!

About Monday 23 November 1663

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"...nor have the ingenuity to take my advice as he ought kindly." [re: Sam's advice letter to Lord Sandwich]

have to record my chuckle over this one... I, too, am often dismayed by people's lack of ingenuity in accepting my peerless advice! :))

About Tuesday 19 May 1663

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so pleased Sam included his notes from the mint directly into the diary! I was expecting to learn they were buried somewhere in the Bodleian Library or had been lost. great entry today!

About Monday 26 January 1662/63

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slangist, thank you for the wonderful passage on the historian's experience in discovering the past. so very well describes the great fun and discourse found here on this site, don't you think?