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About Tuesday 16 October 1660

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I've often wondered about Elizabeth's life "At home" It may be that she gets up to many things, is visited by friends, larks about with the maid, visits friends goes out to markets etc. Or she might just have a dreary life indoors waiting for Sam to return in the evening, or not. We don't really know as Sam mostly only mentions her when they are in each others company. We know she is living in a pretty grand house, and decorating it. Maybe this passes for a hobby, it does for me. She could be having an affair for all we know, and Sam's scarcity is a blessing!

About Saturday 8 September 1660

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I recall Sir Percy in Blackadder 2 (16th century) exclaiming he had discovered a new green gem stone, which he had cunningly fashioned a broach out of. Not exactly an infallible reference, but they were pretty good with their historical accuracy.

About Frances Clarke

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That doesn't quite agree with the August 3rd 1660 entry where Sam describes her as " At noon my wife and I by coach to Dr. Clerke’s to dinner: I was very much taken with his lady, a comely, proper woman, though not handsome; but a woman of the best language I ever heard."

About Friday 20 July 1660

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I think it is most likely an astute observer of human behaviour such as Sam wishes to stay on the right side of fortune by not overstepping the mark and asking for too much. I'm often accused of not extracting enough from a situation, but I prefer to be indebted to rather in dept. I have no reason to doubt Sam's mental ledger has him close to or even a little better than break even with Montague and won't push any further until he has performed sufficiently to be entitled to it.