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About Tuesday 30 October 1666

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Louise Hudson
« Husbandly singing lessons! I can hardly think of anything worse! »
Driving lessons? Moving a refrigerator? Well, as bad ...

About Friday 18 May 1666

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You’d find them heavy too, if you’d “carried them home.” ;-)

About Thursday 3 May 1666

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I get the feeling that a lingering fear of the plague is at the back of Sam’s mind, and that he doesn’t want the painting teacher, a stranger, carrying tales. It would also explain why Su’s mother is having Su cared for in a house nearby and not the family home.

Not that snobbery, jealousy (???) and the impulse to turn on a bystander in the midst of a family squabble might not also play a role!

About Tuesday 15 December 1663

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A (probably Victorian) version of the proverb:

Love your friends and love them well
But to your friends no secrets tell
For if a friend become a foe
Your secrets everyone will know

Love your commentaries, folks, especially yours, Robert Gertz. And, thanks so much for putting the diary online, Phil. Now I have a plan for the next 10 years of my life!