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About Monday 1 February 1668/69

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See the 2004 film "Stage Beauty" for its take on Kynaston's career - featuring Hugh Bonneville of Downton Abbey fame as Pepys (aka "Peeps")! It includes a version of Kynaston's beating, though under different circumstances.

About Wednesday 10 October 1666

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Sounds like Mr. Frampton really came alive.

Pepys' has only occasionally mentioned his anniversary in these October 10th entries from 1660 up to this point: in 1666, 1664 and 1661 (when a bruised testicle kept the 28-year-old and his 20-year-old bride from celebrating their 6th anniversary)

About Tuesday 15 November 1664

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When you click on Mrs. Bagwell's references tab, you'll see that Pepys has been grooming her for an affair right from the start, forming a sneaky friendship with the young couple, finding excuses to see her alone (and promising career advancement for hubby), then progressing from tickles under the chin to friendly kisses to....…

About Tuesday 2 June 1663

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I'm waiting to hear what Sir Charles Barkley has to say about the Cavaliers' chances.