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About Wednesday 16 October 1661

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Please do not post references to the future. Let us who are reading this one day at a time learn about these events as they happen.

Thank you.

About Friday 1 February 1660/61

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"After dinner into London and bought some books, and a belt,"

I loved this line. As one with many, many books and several belts, I could see writing that line myself with pleasure.

About Thursday 31 January 1660/61

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"and indeed it is good, though wronged by my over great expectations, as all things else are."

I loved this line as it can be used so often by me today. I am going to see a play tonight with great expectations.

The universality of Sam's writing is one reason I keep coming back to it.

About Thursday 17 January 1660/61

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"whether to make his elder son heir, which my Lady is for, and I against, but rather to make all equall."

The old Primogeniture vs. Partible debate.

As an eldest son, I have always favoured Primogeniture.

About Saturday 13 October 1660

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So often reading Pepys diary we can say, "Some things never change."

I've eaten oysters in a pub, I've broken things in anger and felt remorse and I have spent lots of time setting up shelves.

But I have never seen an execution. To read it presented as just another thing Sam did on this Saturday is stunning.

"He was presently cut down, and his head and heart shown to the people, at which there was great shouts of joy."

Many things HAVE changed since 1660!

About Wednesday 18 July 1660

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"I took all these people home to my house and did give them some drink."

Any ideas as what they would drink? I have never had the senses that Sam kept a bar at home. He's always going out for his morning draft.

About Friday 1 June 1660

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We recently discussed the prefix "be-" and its decline.

However today we read the word "fuddled." Nowadays, "befuddled" is much more common than "fuddled."

And "fuddled" is a great way to describe how you feel after drinking all day!

About Wednesday 16 May 1660

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Three years late but please no spoilers Bill.

I am reading this diary day-by-day so I'll have most likely long forgotten this note about Opdam but please let's not include future history here.

About Friday 30 March 1660

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This is my first time reading Pepys, so everything is new. As there will always be new readers, please no spoilers in the annotations.