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About Wednesday 16 October 1661

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Please do not post references to the future. Let us who are reading this one day at a time learn about these events as they happen.

Thank you.

About Friday 1 February 1660/61

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"After dinner into London and bought some books, and a belt,"

I loved this line. As one with many, many books and several belts, I could see writing that line myself with pleasure.

About Thursday 31 January 1660/61

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"and indeed it is good, though wronged by my over great expectations, as all things else are."

I loved this line as it can be used so often by me today. I am going to see a play tonight with great expectations.

The universality of Sam's writing is one reason I keep coming back to it.

About Thursday 17 January 1660/61

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"whether to make his elder son heir, which my Lady is for, and I against, but rather to make all equall."

The old Primogeniture vs. Partible debate.

As an eldest son, I have always favoured Primogeniture.