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Sam's Moto must have been 'get it where you can find it'. There are many crude sayings today that describes men like Sam that have loving and loyal wives at home, perhaps he wasn't entirely satisfied at home, but his absence during the period of mourning following his wife's passing must have sent him into a time of sorrowful reflection.

About Sunday 20 March 1663/64

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I'd like to hear from a MD about Sam's swollen cods. In all my 76 years I have never heard about any man suffering from this problem, so I don't think it is a common occurrence. Perhaps he had bigger cods than most other men?

About Saturday 27 December 1662

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Your amazement depends on your experience and knowledge of the world concerning children. I am a victim of WW II my father, in the Royal Marines died of dysentery in Tripoli in 1943. I was then sent to the Royal Naval children' s home in Waterlooville until the end of the war. My mother emigrated to Australia in 1947 to be with her brother who had also emigrated there in 1923. From 1948 to 1954 I was placed in 4 orphanages. The attitude of staff in those homes about children was they were to be seen and not heard. Punishment was metered out with canes and other types of punishment work such as filling wheat bags with cow manure, kitchen duties e.g peeling basins full of potatoes, rising at 5 .am to milk cows before school. In some homes we could only wear shoes on a Sunday to church even walking to school on gravel roads and suffering stone bruises was not an excuse to wear shoes. There's not enough space here for me to tell you everything, but suffice to say I was filling manure bags as large as myself at 10 years of age. My experience has taught me that if the child is not your own then the love experienced by parents didn't exist for children under care. I'm not bitter about my experiences although I do believe that a child's early life experiences do have a lasting effect on the rest of his/her life.