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About Monday 6 January 1667/68

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He is a wise man. As I age (just hit 60), I find inspiration in his words today: " I do really enjoy myself, and understand that if I do not do it now I shall not hereafter, it may be, be able to pay for it, or have health to take pleasure in it."

About Friday 4 October 1667

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Today's meal cost 10d. I've searched around but can't find conversions and abbreviations ... any comment on how to think about that today? I'm in the US, so say a lunch at Chipotle is around $10 USD.

About Sunday 3 February 1666/67

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Forgive me if this a bit off-topic - can any reader suggest a Pepys walking tour - or a self-guided itinerary - of Pepys' London? Visiting in a few weeks, for the first time in 35 years! These diary entries and associated annotations can allow to build one myself, I suppose - but wondering if someone has already done this. Thanks!

About Saturday 23 August 1662

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A general question, for those still reading ... what was the work week like in those days? Specifically, for a man in Pepys' position? I mean measured by hours per day, days per week, weeks per year?

"Work-life balance" is a big thing these days - Sam seems to have a had a pretty good handle on this.