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Second Reading

About Sunday 28 September 1662

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"For the first fifteen months of the diary Sam usually mentions his parents in tandem..."

Thank you for putting this in perspective, Pauline. I was quite lost.

About Friday 26 September 1662

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A.Hamilton on 27 Sep 2005 • Link • Flag

Sam's house & the Navy

Although Sam constantly refers to "my workmen..."

I really appreciate your description, A. Hamilton. I had been woefully confused and your offering is the best I've ran across so far, even ten years later. Thanks!

About Thursday 28 August 1662

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Will, whom I used to call two or three times in a morning...

In most jobs today that would get you fired. Is it normal for people to be so lenient with their servants back then? Is it Will's young age that excuses him? Or our Sam's young age, for that matter?

About Monday 30 June 1662

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I don't know anything about architecture but could the "boring holes" already have been there, maybe from the construction? I sure enjoy reading these annotations; thank you all.