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About Wednesday 28 August 1661

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Louise - Sam would love Facebook! I made a comment about the ability to "like" the annotations. Grannieannie - "Selfies" would be of his fine clothes, he would also be a fashion Blogger.

About Tuesday 27 August 1661

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I wish there was a "like" button for some of these comments. Although I do understand this is not that "type" of forum. I am so glad I am reading this in 2015, lots of the annotations give me the giggles.

About Sunday 28 April 1661

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... the most ill-favoured slut that ever I saw in my life, which I was ashamed to hear that my mother should be become such a fool... Love it!

About Thursday 26 July 1660

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Where I found Commissioner Willoughby had sent for all his things away out of my bedchamber - I don't understand why in some countries people sell their belongings with their houses. In South Africa we take everything with us and clean up the entire house (hygene), except for the stove/oven!

About Wednesday 11 July 1660

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He went home to get his "beanie", borrowed a sleeping bag and he and his clerk slept over at someone else's house, being prepared for the sleep over, he slept very well.

About Friday 29 June 1660

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This day or two my maid Jane has been lame ........... Even in 2015, sounds like my maid Alice, she creates the most wonderful excuses not to come to work .......