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About Wednesday 3 June 1663

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The annotators often refer to Sam as a "little" man (not necessarily in this entry, I've been meaning to ask for a while now...). I don't remember reading anything one way or another about his stature - while he is younger than most of his colleagues, is there any evidence that he was bigger or smaller than average? Why not "that hulking young brute Pepys" in the imaginary commentaries by contemporaries?

About Monday 21 July 1662

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This entry is perfect in the way it covers so many typical Pepysian activities. First the ancient silver and gold medalls, "the greatest rarity that ever I saw in my life" (again), which he will show to the marvelously named Mr. Crumlum.
Then we have Sam the enterprising naval administrator, testing the varieties of hemp and criticizing the docking maneuvers of the Royal James.
Then a little sitcom episode with Captain and Mrs. Cocke, and finally dinner with Lady Jemima, who is cross with Sam and Beth but not really, and all ends well with Beth being bundled off to Brampton.