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Second Reading

About Thursday 23 January 1661/62

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"where I found his new wife, a pitiful, old, ugly, illbred woman in a hatt, a midwife"

Oh how I love Sam! Was it the ugliness of her herself, or did the hat top it off? He is so descriptive here... I can just see her now. Possibly he just did not like her, or she could just be plain ugly. Anyway, he did not think too fondly of his uncle's choice in women.…

If you go to the link, you can see what kind of hats women wore during the Restoration Period.
"Use of the fontage, a wired and tiered lace headdress¸ became widespread as the female silhouette became more vertical. Over time, fontages would include 2 or even 3 tiers. The nosegay was replaced with bundles of ribbons, as was the period’s obsession at the time. The popular hairstyle was to have small, tight curls parted down the center and gathered away from the face."

Possibly, his uncle's wifes vertical is not great, or she may not have even has a fontage. The fontage may have possibly just been 1 tier.?