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About Monday 28 May 1660

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Just as "Dr. Nigel" suggested above, I would say that it is likely that Pepys has a UTI. The only reason I am able to say this is because I have had experienced with this before, as it is common in my family. Although I think his cause, dehydration, is very plausible, one has to wonder whether he could have contracted the UTI from promiscuous behaviour?

About Thursday 17 March 1663/64

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After perusing and reading many of Pepys' diary entries, I have noticed a pattern of Pepys himself, as well as his wife falling ill very often. I would venture to say that this is because of poor medical practices and a general lack of understanding of how people fell ill at the time. On top of this most of the medications, we treat ailments today with were not even discovered yet. In Pepys' time people died of diseases we do not even think twice about today. For all the advances in medical science that we rely on today I am Grateful.