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About Saturday 8 June 1661

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Temple Bar gate is now moved to Paternoster square by St Pauls instead of Middle Temple lane. Glad it still exists though!

About Wednesday 8 May 1661

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Draw means pull, which is why the Drawers are the ones pulling Sams beloved wine into pint glasses.

About Thursday 14 March 1660/61

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Does anyone know if this is the same "Ye Olde Cock Tavern" that is still on Fleet Street in a Tudor building?

About Wednesday 6 February 1660/61

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I once walked past a Goodenough College near Grays Inn, in London.. I am curious to know if there is a relation there. It is very close to Holborn and Chancery lane, which are locations our man Sam seems to frequent!

About Friday 11 January 1660/61

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I have often asked myself if I like Sam or not. I hold an intrigue about him, and I do think he was generally a good honest person. I believe I do like him as a human, although I could never be married to someone as debaucherous as he was. I still love visiting some of the places he has been (the places left..) and seeing them through his stories....

About Tuesday 1 January 1660/61

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Cats: People most likely did not treat pets or animals the way they do these days. Cats were for catching mice and dogs were generally for protection. I suppose people developed a fondness for them and gave them a scratch behind the ears now and then but they were still a utility, an animal. Even the human servants were not treated as equals, so that is enough to tell us that it is highly unlikely that an animal would be better treated as family than a servant.

Plus, a well fed cat is less likely to want to catch mice, so I doubt very much they gave him too many table scraps.