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About Friday 24 April 1663

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School I entered at age 13 in 1947 gave up flogging (hedmaster's two-inch leather belt) just two years before, in 1945 -- thankfully.

About Monday 2 February 1662/63

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Coventry's professed willingness "(now he finds himself secured from fear of want)" to do what he thinks right "though he thwarts others greater than himself" reminds me of a story about Averill Harriman, who after having been governor of New York and an unsuccessful presidential candidate took a fourth-level State Department job in the Kennedy Administration. At one point he found himself the acting official responsible for a policy decision that he took in opposition to the known view of the president and Secretary of State Dean Rusk. A young foreign service officer asked him how he had the courage to go against his superiors, and Harriman replied! " Because I have great wealth."

About Sunday 2 June 1661

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I personally never knew the parrot. Since the event occurred around 1900 in Chapel Hill, N.C., I suspect the parrot has not survived. Another story about the bird: It was digging in the garden behind the house until only its tail feathers were showing. They attracted a neighboring cat which crept up, ready to pounce, when the parrot raised its head and said "Here kitty kitty." The cat departed quickly.