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About Friday 15 May 1663

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Now so deadly full of jealousy I am that my heart and head did so cast about and fret that I could not do any business possibly, but went out to my office, and anon late home again...

Clearly very late if wrote this lengthiest of all entries so far (I believe) at the office. Venting his jealously in feverishly setting down a day full of events before returning home? The process of remembering the day tempering his jealously?

About Thursday 13 November 1662

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I recall an earlier post where Sam tore up a letter Liz had written to him. He hadn't read it, tore it up in front of her, then felt sorry about doing it. Maybe she finds writing a carefully constructed letter easier than debating to her opinionated and "high" husband in her second language.

About Sunday 12 October 1662

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And Sam is doing all the heavy lifting of the family business. It's all up to him. It's a lot to think about and a heavy responsibility to carry by oneself.

Separate issue: isn't this our first Lords Day without a supplemental entry by Ralph?

About Saturday 19 July 1662

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"methought it lessened my esteem of a king, that he should not be able to command the rain"

Double entendre? Rain vs Riegn?

The diary is written ten in code, obscuring Sam's preferred spelling option. And that's the point. I wonder if it is Sam's little pun!

About Tuesday 29 April 1662

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It would appear the surgeon is even more rare than the sturgeon!

I apologize, and can't believe it took 11 years for such a terrible pun to be posted.