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About Saturday 5 October 1667

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Earlier this week I walked in the tiny garden in Seething Lane right where where Sam's house and offices were. I thought of all the characters that we read about. In St Olaves, Sam's church opposite there is a memorial to him, high up the size of a door, because that is what it used to be. It was accessed by stone steps from the outside, that led to the pews in the Navy balcony. Elizabeth's is opposite where she can still keep an eye on him.

About Sunday 23 July 1665

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I agree he accepted his place in society, it certainly didn't phase him as next day he reports himself never more contented in his life. Why did Sam never get honours of any kind considering what heights he achieved post diary?

About Monday 24 July 1665

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A wonderful two days of entries. It is the small detail of every day life that fascinates me. What a man, we are so lucky to have this.

About Thursday 1 June 1665

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Loved the whole of this entry. It is the small details of everyday life then and how he writes it that fascinates me. Brilliant.

About Sunday 5 January 1661/62

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Was in St Olave's a couple of weeks ago. High up on the wall is a huge memorial to Sam. Opposite is the bust of Elizabeth, where she can see him and still keep an eye on him. It was explained that the space for his memorial was originally a door accessible by stone steps up the outer wall. Sam used to sit in the balcony reserved for the navy.

About Tuesday 31 December 1661

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Sam mentioned a short while ago seeing youths beating horses who were too tired to get up Fish Street Hill. Was in London last week and walked up that hill. It is the everyday things like this that bring the Diary to life. Stood on the hill and imagined the scene. Magic.

About Thursday 11 April 1661

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Baited used by Sam here I am sure means to stop or wait awhile. It was commonly used in Yorkshire though not so much now. The last 2 or 3 days have been great reading. How lucky we are to have it.

About Tuesday 15 January 1660/61

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'It be 10 o'clock just now striking as I write this last line'. What a wonderful line. It's the hundreds of small intimate things that make the diary what it is and makes you feel you are actually there.

About Thursday 15 March 1659/60

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At the top of the steps in Westminster Hall, turn left, that is the hall where Parliament would have been sitting. I think it is called St Stephens Chapel. Too narrow for debating, hence the two red lines down the modern chamber, two sword lengths apart.

About Saturday 18 February 1659/60

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For someone who came in half way through the previous diary, it seems Sam spends more time at home early mornings at the moment. Later he is up betimes and out.