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About Friday 15 March 1660/61

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A lenten great fish dinner on a Friday. some catholic present? Note that the Church of England did observe Lent. Not only a Friday, but Lent season until Easter. I never thought switching from Meat to Fish was much of a sacrifice. We must not hold meat in such luxurious regard!

About Saturday 16 March 1660/61

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Trying to pay off the sailors. I know they loved to hit the bars immediately upon returning home and spend some or all of that money. I wonder how much pressure there was to get them paid off before they started acting riotous?

About Sunday 17 March 1660/61

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Earlier SP said he was going to observe some Lenten practices. In becoming Puritans, it seems these people gave up some restrictions for a bunch of new ones. Too bad we don't know the content of the sermon, but they seem to be swinging Calvinist.

About Wednesday 30 January 1660/61

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It's clear in the Bible that we do not pay for the sins of our forefathers, or anyone else. However, there are earthly consequences that are "visited on" the children for several generations. Likewise, the blessings of the fathers are given to their children and grand children. Think of it this way: if you throw your life away to drugs and crime, your children will bear the consequence of those decisions, like a curse. If you walk upright and honest, have a good reputation, are successful, that blessing will give your descendants and advantage. It's the way the world works, not the workings of a vengeful God.

About The Next Chapter of Samuel Pepys

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So sad the death of his wife from Typhoid. He thought God chose to afflict him with this, but it was simply that she drank water with another infected person's feces in it. It's a nasty bacteria that can easily overwhelm the body, and travelers still suffer from it today. We truly take the clean drinking water for granted today!

About Monday 28 January 1660/61

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Curious, how many of you keep a diary? The people of the future may find such interesting things in what you think common: spitting, passing our oranges, for example.