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About Tuesday 27 November 1660

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With regards to the meek inheriting the earth, as per both Tonyel and Nate, I present, for your consideration, a quote:

“What a mess the world was in, Vimes reflected. Constable Visit had told him the meek would inherit it, and what had the poor devils done to deserve that?” ― Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay

About Tuesday 20 November 1660

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Louise, not everyone grows up in wherever you grew up. Living in India, growing up in the eighties, we still didn't have washing machines at the time and washing was done by hand. It wasn't as much of a production as Bruce describes it, but it was still cumbersome, and took the better part of half a day. It was done every week, with the soaking and washing done in big copper andas, or tubs, and then wrung by hand, and dried in the sun. The iron used to iron the clothes was enormous, and incredibly heavy, filled with heated hot coals, and was done by a specialised dhobi who would arrive in great state once a week and iron all our clothes. I still remember putting on clothes that were warm from the iron after my nightly bath.