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About Sunday 19 May 1661

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I laughed and then was horrified reading the passage about Ferrers going mad and jumping off the balcony. It must have been a relief for Sam to calm down listening to some music after all that excitement.

About Sunday 27 January 1660/61

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Maxime de la Falaise writes of puddings in the seventeenth century: "Now to the traditional English beef, bread and beer was added the incomparable English pudding...made with milk, eggs, flour, butter, sugar, suet, marrow, raisins and other fruits." (Seven Centuries of English Cooking, p. 65) It sounds quite rich and sweet, and if this is what Sam was talking about, even without spices it would have cost more than the usual family fare with the sugar and dried fruits. Sam is a man who seems to enjoy dining well, so he was probably disappointed as well as angry that the pudding was gone!