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About Monday 25 December 1665

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This entry is especially funny for me. I am single and after some heart-breaking events in my younger life, I am content to be alone on Christmas Day. (I am 58.) Merrie Chritemasse to all Pepysians both far and near. :-)

About Thursday 10 May 1660

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There are some distant relatives of mine with the surname Hoare: Pronounced in the same way as "whore" --- to rhyme with oar and bore. Of course the spelling was not Pepys's spelling, but the transcription from his phonetical shorthand.

About Saturday 5 May 1660

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Re: "Ivan the Terrible", or "Ivan the Dread" -- "Terrible" didn't have its modern meaning back then, either.

A few quotations from the *Authorised Version* of the Bible (1611):

Psalm 66 verse 3---> "Say unto God, How terrible art thou in thy works! through the greatness of thy power shall thine enemies submit themselves unto thee."

Psalm 99 verse3---> "Let them praise thy great and terrible name; for it is holy."

Maybe "Ivan the Terrible" is a perfectly good translation.