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About Tuesday 13 November 1660

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Just to add to San Diego Sarah's comment-Live birds were also sometimes put into a pie, so when it was opened they would fly out to amuse the guests-This is referenced in the "Sing a song of sixpence" nursery rhyme

About Thursday 21 June 1660

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My Grandmother would always say she had to "handsel" a purse or handbag by putting a small coin in it

About Thursday 2 February 1659/60

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If someone can clarify if I understood this - foot soldiers beat back a group of cavalry? (Foot belonging to the parliament side, cavalry royalist?
The cavalry retreated and the foot met up with another company on foot who were marching to a drumbeat?

About Friday 6 January 1659/60

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12th Night is also known as women's Christmas in Ireland ( Nollaig na mBan in Irish) Where women gather in each other's houses or go out together to celebrate after doing all the hard work over the predceeding 11 days