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About Wednesday 9 December 1663

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"... in great pain of those."
'those' is probably an error for 'chose' meaning the French word 'chose' for 'thing'. Pepys has previously used this word in a previous entry in referring to her medical problem.

About Thursday 30 April 1663

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My copy of the 'compact' Oxford English Dictionary has '"to visit the 'lions' (of a place)" as the first meaning of the word 'lionize'. Therefore, 'the new English word' must mean 'lionize' (or 'lionise').

About Skellum

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It is primarily a Scottish word:
Samuel Pepys' Diary - Friday 3 April 1663:
"Dr. Creeton,[Robert Creighton] the Scotchman, . . . ripped up Hugh Peters (calling him the execrable skellum), his preaching and stirring up the maids of the city to bring in their bodkins and thimbles."

About Edward Field

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In fact, Field pursued Pepys because the rest were 'parliament-men' as Pepys tells us - 24th June 1662:
"At night news is brought me that Field the rogue hath this day cast me at Guildhall in L30 for his imprisonment, to which I signed his commitment with the rest of the officers; but they having been parliament-men, that he hath begun the law with me; and threatens more, but I hope the Duke of York will bear me out."