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About Monday 26 November 1660

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David G, San Diego Sarah, I found this article on JSTOR: The Restoration Poets and Their Father King by Larry Carver, published in Huntingdon Library Quarterly, Vol 40, No 4 (Aug 1977) pp 332-351. A ‘Slingsby’ is mentioned - Slingsby Bethel - but he seems to have been a politician rather than a poet, so possibly a different Slingsby.

About Saturday 19 May 1660

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I wonder whether Pepys is using ‘child’ as a shorter version of ‘child of Lord Montagu’. In the same sense that I am the child of……. [name of parent], and clearly not a child in any other sense.

About Monday 9 April 1660

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Samuel Pepys’ connection with Deal, Kent
Pepys had quite a significant connection with Deal, as shown in the link below, under ‘Continued Association with Deal’. His Father-in-Law, Alexandre de St Michel, died in Deal and is buried in St Leonard’s churchyard.
This link also describes some events which will appear in the Diary over the next few weeks.…