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About Sunday 31 January 1668/69

Carl  •  Link

""Sam does love the attention of the opposite sex, doesn't he?""

"Lay long talking with pleasure,"

"but this night we are at present very kind"

That's why Bess has him in her thrall! Lucky couple!

About Thursday 21 January 1668/69

Carl  •  Link

Bess has got Sam where she wants him, grateful.
" and so with great joy on both sides to sleep."
Lucky Sam

About Wednesday 6 January 1668/69

Carl  •  Link

How lucky for Sam that his clever wife understands him so well

,' and so with great pleasure to bed.'
Who needs to roam?

About Thursday 31 December 1668

Carl  •  Link

How confusing! Until 1752 the year began on ladies day, 25th march. When it was changed, there were riots because people felt they had 'lost' three months. At the same time the calender was corrected to the one we use today. The inland revenue decided start their tax year on April 6th.
But here is Sam talking of the end of the year.
Either way have a good, safe, peaceful and preposterous new year