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About Friday 17 May 1661

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Question, I thought there was 240d in 1l, if an angell was one third of a pound then wouldn't that make 80d, which divided by 12d (one shilling) is 6.66 etcetera. Why is the amount rounded to six and eight pence, or what am I missing?

About William Joyce (jun.)

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''...sometimes all honey with one another and then all turd,'' excellent (perhaps lack of) character description of Pepys' cousins-in-law. This illuminates the diary's account; ''When it became dark. they all went away but Mr. Pierce and W. Joyce and their wifes and Tom, and drank a bottle of wine afterwards, so that Will did heartily anger his father and mother by staying. At which I and my wife were very much pleased (26-27 Jan, 1660).''
Pepys' brother also colours the narrative of W. Joyce's concluding actions from the previous night; ''To my father's for supper, where I heard by my brother Tom how W. Joyce would the other day have Mr. Pierce and his wife to the tavern after they were gone from my house, and he had so little manner as to make Tom pay his share, notwithstanding that he went upon his account (28-30 Jan, 1660).''