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About Sunday 8 February 1662/63

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The usual method of diagnosis of food poisoning involves time: if the symptoms occur quickly after eating it is toxins in the food. If the symptoms occur some time after eating, the problem is caused by bacteria which take time to do their thing.
As far as the dropping of the baby story on the dance floor: such an act would be most messy unless there was a highly absorbent floor.
"dropped" could be the same as current "dropped off" as to deliver in a different fashion that stated in the story.

About Saturday 7 February 1662/63

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To get a better sense of life in the British Navy a read of the book "Scurvy" by Stephen R Brown will be most enlightening. The disease of scurvy can not be detailed without describing what life was like on the ships. It is no wonder men were less than willing to join the navy when the shipboard conditions were undoubtedly well known. Here is the link to a review which gives a good sense of a fine book. If one wants to diet, read before meals.…

About Friday 9 January 1662/63

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The first time I read this passage when reading the "Shorter Pepys." I found it disturbing. Want to like the guy but when his emotions overwhelm his reason he becomes most disagreeable. If we think of Elizabeth in the context of the women of the time, for a literate chap such as our Sam, she was quite a catch. She can do what so many women of the time couldn't --- read and write. In two languages yet.
As mentioned previously Naxos has done a complete recording of the diary. If you have checked out the listing you will also find a reading but most unsatisfactory: a woman reading with almost no expression. I prefer diary readers to be of the same gender. If one is looking for a cure for insomnia, this would be something to try.
Here is a link I put on my cloud storage server. It gives a taste of the entry as well as a taste of the recording. The recordings are expensive - US$150 for the first 3 years.

About Sunday 22 June 1662

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When I was practicing nursing in the delivery room in the US, doctors delivered babies, nurses caught babies. Even if the physician didn't show up in time, baby wasn't delivered by a nurse but caught. Course of the physician claimed he delivered the baby and paid accordingly.
The terminology does change based on the circumstances.

About Wednesday 18 June 1662

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According to the companion Pepys had an extensive art and print selection that had survived. Does anyone know why these have never traveled? I do not recall hearing of any exhibit at US from museums.