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About Monday 23 July 1666

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Fascinated by the 'lost the ball' and 'come and give it a kicke' references. I guess this is a reference to some form of sport akin to modern football, so a very early reference, but equally, 'lost the ball' is close to a modern day phrase 'drop the ball' (Cricket?), also meaning ' not been keeping your eye on the current business of the day'

About Thursday 9 October 1662

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My second spin round the diary, and I still get excited to see the picture of the present day Falcon Inn at Puckeridge and realising that Sam actually stayed there and referenced it.

About Friday 10 January 1661/62

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John Harrison, the clock maker, who finally solved the longitude problem, was born about 3 miles from where I live in Wakefield. there is a blue plaque on the house opposite Nostell Priory, where his father worked as a carpenter.

About Saturday 26 May 1660

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Todd. Shouldn't the "RIP Sam" have a 'Spoiler Alert' warning? :)

What a fantastic few weeks we have just been through. Second time around and I still love my daily fix of Pepys.

About Wednesday 21 March 1659/60

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An interesting aside. Whilst we all rely heavily on the internet these days as a source of information, and the reliance on the printed word holds less value, its interesting to see how many source links that were part of these annotations in just the last 10 years no longer link to their original information. It may be that the information is available, albeit at a different address, but it does give a cautionary hint at the temporary state of internet based information.
For those dedicated to commiting our history to print, long may you continue!

This is my second spin around this daily diary, having first come in about 5 years ago. Its fantastic and really fired up my enthusiasm for the history of the period. Thanks Phil!