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About Monday 31 December 1666

Zexufang  •  Link

Happy New Year.
Nothing better than reading Pepys diary on a cold night here in Ohio.
I have learned more about London and its history via Pepys (and this website) than any other source.

And for that.... I thank you Phil Gyford.

About Friday 28 September 1666

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Late night... cannot sleep.
So go to reading Pepys again.
A time capsule that magically transports me to another world and another time.

Thank you.

And finally, just curious as to what Pepys would think 'bout all this fuss over people reading his diary on the internet all over the world?
Astonishing if you think about it.

About Thursday 11 February 1663/64

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I too think that Sam was suggesting that the pig was sooo delicious and tasty that they ate it both heartily and with much relish.

That is all.

About Thursday 7 August 1662

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Chris ... I agree. In this Pepys entry "my interest still growing..."; he is not a using modern-speak as in "this fact is interesting" but instead he is more concerned with pecuniary interest as it relates to money. And money, in turn, begets power and evermore influence.

That is all.

About Thursday 18 October 1660

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As to -
"JWB on 19 Oct 2003
Sam and executions...
I think it best to think of Sam first and foremost as a politician. To see and be seen at the executions of the Regicides is a political act. He is of the party in power. These are acts to demonstrate that power. He's showing solidarity, period."

I agree. (though maybe ten years too late)
Pepys IS a politician; and to go and be seen at the executions is a an act of solidarity with the new regime.